Vacuum Dryer with NIR Lamps

UVCD 2 is a vacuum dryer, which carries out, for shoes, boots and relative soles, the functions of fast drying and fast reactivation of glue, both solvent and water based. The system is composed by a prechamber, where the glue gets heated until the right temperature and by a vacuum chamber where, through the use of high efficiency infrared NIR lamps, the glue gets completely dried and than reactivated. UVCD 2 differs from UVCD 3 for the smaller size and for the smaller quantity of production.

        Anzani's Surplus:

  • Ultrarapid drying
  • Great time saving
  • More efficient production
  • Great results in the bonding tests
  • Excellent quality of the final result
  • Primer, first, second cementing and sole laying in the same machine
  • NIR infrared lamps system
  • System for heat anti-loss
  • Vacuum system
  • Gas suction system
  • Separate setting (shoe-sole)
  • Suitable for both solvent and water based glues
  • Suitable for any type of footwear
  • Made in Italy


Technical features
Output in 8 hours Pairs 500 (water base)
750 (solvent 1 coat)
Rated Power Kw 12
Average Power Kw 7
Air Consumption NL 48
Dimensions Mm 2290x1230x1840H
Net weight Kg 940


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