Logimove Fully-automatic

Logimove Fully-automatic

Production Management System for Upper Factories

LOGIMOVE Fully-automatic is a production management system for upper factories, which provides for the distribution of boxes, equipped with bar codes, which contain the component kits to assemble the uppers. The system, automatically managed by software, knows which operator and which machine are present in each work station and which article is contained within each box, consequently it knows which operation can be carried out in each work station. The line manager loads the box at the start of the cycle, on the conveyor belt, the system autonomously delivers the box to the operator who has to carry out the first operation. Once the first operation is finished, the box is put back into circulation and sent to the workstation, where the next phase will take place, the same will happen for all phases, until the work cycle is completed and the box will be automatically unloaded out of the system. Logimove Fully-automatic is equipped with an overhead warehouse, which allows you to store the boxes and facilitate the workflow. In this way the boxes will never leave the system, until the uppers are completed, unless you want to perform a quality check, retrieving the boxes at any time.

Anzani's Surplus:

• Industry 4.0
• Great time saving
• Workstations saturation
• Control of the production time
• Never have to change the position of the stitching machines
• +20/30% Productivity increase
• Many models at the same time in production
• Zeroing of downtime
• Maximum production flexibility
• Made in Italy

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