Continuous Speed Conveyor for Footwear Assembly and Finishing

MULTIPLEX CONTACT is a motorized chain conveyor, equipped with stop stations for trolleys, suitable for the assembly and finishing of footwear. The trolleys are transported by the chain, but when they meet a stop station, thanks to a release system, they stop, no longer being pulled by the chain. The trolleys that arrive afterwards will stop accumulating, thanks to a chain release system, assembled on the trolley itself. At this point the operator, who is in front of the stop station, will be able to carry out his operation and, once finished, just give a slight push to the trolley, which will hook again to the chain, in such a way as to transport it to the next stop station. The conveyor can be configured from 1 to 4 floors, with the possibility of adjusting the speed of each floor independently, equipping each floor with its own motor. The trolleys are completely customizable, based on the type of processing to be carried out. As optional you can add overhead plants for lighting, air, motive power and automatic heat treatments (humidification, heat setting, glue drying, cold stabilization).

 Anzani's Surplus:

• Maximum production flexibility
• Customizable trolleys
• Great time saving
• Low work in process
• More efficient production
• Possibility to add heat treatments online
• Suitable for any kind of footwear
• Workstation saturation
• Production of several articles at the same time
• Made in Italy

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