Heat Setter for the Shoe Ironing and Stabilization

ECOJET is a heat setter for ironing and stabilization of the shoe with forced humid hot air, located after the heel seat lasting. Thanks to a technological innovation, Ecojet replaced Turbojet, recognized around the world for its reliability and its excellent results. The heat treatment is made by NIR infrared lamps, that allow a very fast treatment, avoiding heat accumulation inside the last and therefore with an important reduction of the power consumption. The system is suitable for both shoes and boots production and could be used both next to traditional conveyor systems and in Rink systems. Ecojet is available in two versions: with one channel (Ecojet 1), two channels (Ecojet 2) or in the version Ecojet 2500, for producing 2500 pairs of shoes in 8 hours.

         Anzani's Surplus:

  • Excellent quality of the final result
  • Great energetic saving, only 6 KW consumption
  • NIR lamps system for leather
  • Heaters system for synthetic
  • System for heat anti-loss
  • Boiler system, for steam production
  • Easy and quick inspection, for best maintenance
  • Full regulation possibility
  • It avoids the detachment of the upper glued with neoprene
  • Made in Italy


Technical features
    Eco Jet 1 Eco Jet 2 Eco jet 2500
Output in 8 hours Prs 800 1600 2500
Rated Power Kw 7 21 23
Average Power Kw 3,5 6 11,5
Treatment cycle Sec. 18 18 18
Dimensions Mm 1670x470x1100H 2150x820x1100H 3506x820x1100H


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