Dry Matic

Timed Stops Conveyor for Footwear Assembly and Finishing

DRY MATIC is a motorized chain conveyor, for the assembly and finishing of footwear. The trolleys move by one step at each pre-established time interval, in order to establish the production rhythms. The peculiarity of Dry Matic is in the trolleys, equipped with a special structure, which allows the insertion of a glue drying/reactivation tunnel, with vacuum technology. As optional you can add overhead plants for lighting, air, motive power and automatic heat treatments (humidification, heat setting, glue drying, cold stabilization).

Anzani’s Surplus:

• Industry 4.0
• Great time saving
• Low work in process
• More efficient production
• Possibility to add heat treatments online
• Suitable for any kind of footwear
• Ultra-fast glue drying
• Best bonding tests
• Vacuum system
• Made in Italy


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